Luxury Hotel & Beach Resort in Vietnam – Amanoi

Amanoi: Imagine waking up to the gentle rustle of palm trees and the vast expanse of the deep blue sea. This is the everyday reality at Amanoi, a prestigious five-star resort tucked away in Vietnam’s pristine Ninh Thuan Province. Nestled within the embrace of Nui Chua National Park and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Amanoi promises an extraordinary blend of nature, luxury, and cultural immersion.

Amanoi: Where Luxury Meets Nature

Situated in Ninh Thuan Province, Amanoi is a sanctuary of opulence perfectly integrated with its natural surroundings. Its architectural elegance is inspired by traditional Vietnamese dwellings, with gracefully curved roofs peeping through dense greenery. Each villa features private infinity pools and spacious balconies that dissolve the boundary between indoor comfort and breathtaking outdoor vistas. Whether nestled amidst trees or mere steps from the sandy shore, every corner invites a profound connection with nature’s bounty.

Experience Amanoi’s Villas

The heart of Amanoi’s allure lies in its exquisite accommodations. Pavilion Villas offer secluded retreats among lush foliage, while Beachfront Villas provide direct access to the golden sands and azure waters. Each villa is a cocoon of luxury, promising unmatched comfort and serenity.

Adventures and Exploration

Amanoi beckons adventurers with a plethora of outdoor activities. Traverse the unspoiled trails of Nui Chua National Park, alive with exotic plants and animals. Discover the crystalline waters of Vinh Hy Bay through kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. For those seeking cultural immersion, biking through nearby villages unveils the soul of Vietnamese life.

The Aman Spa

Find ultimate relaxation at the renowned Aman Spa, where traditional Vietnamese therapies unfold beside lotus-strewn lakes. Engage in yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi amidst the tranquil resort grounds, enveloped by breathtaking natural beauty.

Culinary Offerings

Savor culinary delights at Amanoi’s clifftop restaurants. Local ingredients shine in expertly crafted Vietnamese dishes and international cuisine, all accompanied by sweeping ocean views.

Unforgettable Memories

More than a mere hotel, Amanoi curates transformative experiences. Whether seeking adventure, tranquility, or cultural immersion, Amanoi promises a haven where memories are woven amid luxury and nature’s embrace.

Book your escape to Amanoi today and uncover your own slice of Vietnamese paradise.


Amanoi epitomizes the perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty, offering a sanctuary where guests can reconnect with themselves and their surroundings. It’s more than a destination; it’s a transformative experience.

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