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The Nreal Glasses are the new attempt to take the technology to our eyes. This is rather a great idea that has been done before, but with this level of certainty has not been performed yet. The air is the product of sunglass-like construction in which an OLED screen is bolted inside and bounces the image off a mirror to project a “130-inch screen” in front of you. In the article, we’ll have a hands-on Nreal AR Glasses Review.

The Nreal Air is not the first time that the company has made a product like this. The previous generation of Light Lens also had something like this, but this time, the Air does not come with the “6DOF” tracking that is mostly found in VR headsets. It still comes with 3DOF, but that is just for head tracking.

How does this new, modern yet simple wearable behave in an actual outdoor real-life setting?  What does it have to offer when the perfect marketing strategy is sidelined? Let’s take a look at specification of Nreal AR glasses review:

Major Specifications: Nreal AR Glasses


Design: Nreal AR Glasses

In terms of the overall look and the idea, the Nreal Air looks brilliant. They might seem a bit bulky to be hinged all over your nose, but they’re surprisingly comfortable to put on. All components of the glasses are housed inside the frames and arms. Another outstanding aspect of its architecture is the fact that it is not over the top from the outside surface, only just a pair of super-sized glasses. The notable aspect of its overall architectural design is that one of the arms is the USB-C connector. It never feels intrusive or interfering with the use of the device. There’s that great feeling to how the device is and Nreal has done well to capture it.

The Nreal Air mainly consists of plastic, just like the Light predecessor. The Air resembles conventional sunglasses but with some discernible differences. In the first place, 79 grams (2.78 ounces) is much heavier than the standard weight of sunglasses. The Nreal AR glasses price is budget-friendly for many purchasers. Nreal Air glass reviews are quite positive when it comes to durability.

Features: Nreal AR Glasses

The screen of the glasses is a 1080p OLED that is positioned inside carefully. Moreover, it is beamed and reflected with the help of mirrors. It works like a periscope with a seeing-down way of viewing the picture. The screen is very nice and gives the perfect viewing experience. All details are crystal clear; you can’t notice any interfering aberration plugging in a MacBook. It is a great viewing experience, too. It will be further enhanced with a good pair of headphones. First, you should feel relaxed and be in the room with the lights off.

After that, watch a few videos on YouTube and test the software on Android phones a little before purchasing them. Also added to this is the fact that the top part of the frame is much thicker because this is where the two OLED displays are housed. The scanners display project their images down onto the lenses positioned in the front of your eyes. You cannot use your regular glasses with the Air. However, the frame is already included in your prescription lenses. The price of Nreal Ar glasses on Amazon is £338.99

3DOF Tracking and FOV

Nreal does have an extra nose pad. You will have to pay the extra cost of having a specific lens cut to your prescription. Besides a connector and most likely a microprocessor making the screens turn on when plugging in a screen-mirrored thing to glasses, there is no software on the glasses themselves. It can’t do that unless it’s connected to something. It turns out to be a disadvantage for the users.

3DOF Tracking and FOV | Nreal AR Glasses Review

The specs don’t include 6DOF, so body tracking is not available. It is 3DOF instead, which will simply follow the tracking of your head. Every activity on it acts as the Wii remote on this device to select an app or to browse.

This is the moment when you become aware that the field of view is very narrow, as it is 45 degrees. The interface of the menu should be split into separate pages to fit the FOV of Nreal Air, but all of it is one continuous arch in front of your head. It requires you to turn your head physically to have a look at everything, only a slight dragging is needed to keep what you are looking at in view and to change apps.

Nreal Air compatibility issues

Not only does the fact that it is a plug-and-play kind of deal remain true, but nothing was preventing us from using the hardware that we had on hand at the time when we plugged it into another Android phone.

The list of compatible Android devices is narrow. That makes the niche even niche in the whole problem. The painless way to demonstrate it to friends and family was to show them through the mirroring of screens on an iPhone with a $49 adapter.

Gaming performance

The display is only 60 Hz, built-in, and it’s a fully functional one for gaming. The two connections don’t have much latency left aside from the one in the PC and the Steam Deck systems. Furthermore, the USB-C port is also DisplayPort enabled, thus, it makes it an overall solid connection. We never had a problem with installing Windows or Linux to recognize the Nreal Air nor was it that complicated; it simply worked. The Nreal AR glasses India have an amazing gaming performance overall.

What is the price of Nreal AR glasses in India?

The Nreal Ar glasses price in India is Rs 42,999. It is an affordable range for those who are gaming lovers.

Buy Now?: Nreal AR Glasses Review

Nreal Air is a strong and compelling hardware yet still at a more attractive price than its Nreal Light sibling. Nevertheless, the Air is not equipped with onboard cameras like the other model of a real augmented reality headset Mirror whose tracking feature is better. The gaming ergonomics platitudes are the same with Nintendo Switch just as much as Windows PC or Xbox Series X. You will not have eye fatigue with Air Casting after long gaming sessions.

Where Air truly excels is being a content consumption utility. You will find yourself immersed in watching YouTube clips and episodes of Star Wars. They are so lightweight and you don’t notice much difference when wearing them compared to sunglasses or prescription glasses. They are therefore very low-impact. You can read the Nreal Ar glasses review before making your final purchase.

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